Sandcastle Web Design & Development -Brief Notes

The success of any web design is subject to the effectiveness and efficiency of the text and visual content. The visual content mainly concerns the graphics. The graphics are an indispensable part of the web design just because the website cannot speak. If anyone would like to make the website speak then it would be only possible with the help of prerecorded audio that would play every time a visitor would click on the website. For any new comer it would sound friendly but for a regular visitor it would sound boring having to hear the same audio every time he/she visits the website.Do you want to learn more? Visit

This leaves the web designer with the only option to develop and optimize the text and visual content. In absence of audio it is obvious that the visuals play a critical role in the conversion of visitor into a buyer.

The other aspect of visuals is that human beings have always been attracted by what their eyes find to be beautiful. The website needs to be appealing for the visitor and this is only possible with the help of visuals especially the graphics. If the graphics are good and pertain to the objective of the website then it is going to have a positive effect on the efficiency of the website.

When the website seems to be overcrowded with images and extensive use of graphics then it can have a negative effect on the performance of the website. Usually most of the people are accustomed to read the text content in dark with a light colored background. On the contrary if you try to have a light colored text on a dark colored background with the help of graphics then it may irritate some of the buyers. Excessive use of bright colors can make the website look garish. In these sorts of situations the visitor may just flee from the website. If soothing and pleasant colors are used it not only makes the content look attractive but also comfortable for the visitor. Attractive graphics can increase the repeated visits of the visitor and this can help the website to feature higher on the search engine list.

Use of excessive graphics can add weight to the website, resulting in longer time needed for the downloading of the website. Some of the search engines do not consider the graphics for indexing on the search engine list. Too much of graphics can hurt the online business but at the same time a bit of it is always necessary. This implies that graphics have to be.used very carefully and judiciously.