Julie Han – Review

There’s no trick to finding a career coach. Simply search the name of your hometown and the words “career coach” in an internet search engine, and you’ll have plenty of results at your fingertips. The real secret, however, is finding a good career coach. JulieHan has some nice tips on this.

The first thing you want to make sure of is that you’re getting good value for the money you’ll spend on this coach. If you’re unemployed, your money is more precious than ever, so you don’t want to waste it on someone who is overcharging you or only helping you out halfheartedly. The first step, then, is to contact as many career coaches within driving distance and find out how much they charge per session. Eliminate anyone who’s charging fees out of your price range. You should also see what this fee includes.

Are there books, manuals, special software or any other helpful materials that come along with this fee, or does the money strictly go towards paying the coach’s salary? The second thing you should find out is if the career coach guarantees that you’ll have a job by a certain date. Do they offer some money back if you don’t have a job by then? Of course, it might be unfair to expect a career coach to offer all of your money back should you not be able to find work-some people are almost unhirable, so why should a coach lose his or her fees if it’s entirely the customer’s fault that she or he can’t find work? But still, compare guarantees and money-back offers carefully before you choose your coach.

The next aspect to evaluate when you’re comparing career coaches is the techniques that each one uses. Here, you might want to sign up for a few free consultations with a few different coaches so you can really get a sense of their style. Do you have to go to their office for every appointment, or are they willing to meet you, say, for lunch at a café on occasion? Do you have to meet with a group? (You’re much more likely to get the attention you need if you meet with a career coach individually.) How often in advance can you schedule an appointment? If you find that you have a job interview suddenly scheduled within twenty-four hours, you might want to meet with your coach that night to run through a few mock interviews.

After meeting with a few career coaches, you’re ready to choose the best one for you. You’ll want to select the coach that you feel the most comfortable working with, the person whose style, methods and personality you believe will be the most helpful to you. Take some time to weigh this decision thoroughly. Your career coach will be more than an advisor and consultant, after all; he or she might end up being a valuable partner and perhaps even a close friend.